HOWTO force users to use a specific POTS channel?

I want to setup 4 users to each have a dedicated POTS line. I have Zap Channel DIDs setup and working for the inbound, but how do I force them to use the same outbound DID and the inbound?


After further testing, this didn’t work. I was hoping that route CID would connect an extension to a trunk.

Working now.

I had to add the extension to the callerid of each dial plan line for users outbound route as you mentioned stonet


Use the CID match in Outbound Routes available in FreePBX 2.8

I figured it out…

I had to modify dahdi-channels.conf and change group=0 to group=1,2,3, or 4 on channels 5,6,7, and 8 respectively.

Then went to trunks in freepbx and added g1,g2,g3,g4 as zap identifiers and set the outbound CID and saved.

Finally went to outbound routes and added a 4 new ones for each user. Added the users internal extension to the route CID, put in dial plans and set the route for 0 to correct trunk (g4 in my setup) and set the next sequence to g0.
I moved these 4 routes to the top of the list.

So now line 1 dials out users dedicated channel and line 2 gets any available line.