Howto exclude in backup and restore


I’m have some trouble excluding files in the backup and restore module (FreePBX Distro 1.812.210.57).

I have excluded the tables for trunks in the restore/backup (server 2 is secondary server and restores from server 1 which is primary). Server 2 uses a different trunk and I no longer see that trunk in my GUI so that is ok.

But there are 2 files that get overwritten when I do a restore:

  • sip_additional.conf
  • sip_registrations.conf

These files both contain the trunk from server 1 and I don’t want that trunk on server 2!
Excluding the entire file in the backup is not an option I think because there is some other data in sip_additional.conf that I need (i.e. extensions).

Anyone who can help me out with this?

Ok, I’m afraid my question on how to solve the issue with the sip_additional file won’t be answered so hopefully I can get an answer on the question how to exclude a single file?

How can I exclude the file sip_registrations.conf ?

I hate to keep asking, but can’t seem to figure it out myself.

Anyone who can tell me how to exclude the file sip_registrations.conf ?