Howto dowload and install Codecs

Hi, I would like how to install a new codec in asterisk sangoma ver 15, Im new in this topics, I need where dowload the codecs G711a and G711u and howto install

Thanks in advance

Supported Codecs - Dialogic Integrated Media gateways - Documentation (

Codec Support and Configuration - Media Transcoding Cards - Documentation (

These are built in, called alaw and ulaw respectively.

These are the two most fundamental RTP payload types, and one would expect them to be present in every SIP implementation. Unfortunately, they come under many names, with for example, the protocol itself (SDP) referring to them as PCMA and PCMU. The U is really a µ, and full names would be more like G.711 A-law and G.711 µ-law.

The reason they are fundamental is that they are the ones used by the PSTN, although only one will be used in any particular country (µ-law in the USA and Japan, and A-law in most other places), which means you should really only enable one of them, and that will depend on your country.

Thanks so much everybody!!

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