Howto Delete call logs?

I am sure this is an often asked Q and I have looked, but can’t find the answer. How do I limit the growth of the call logs and any associated call recordings? I can’t seem to delete any call history. I can’t find any way of doing it withing any of the freePBX Admin/setup screens. I am probably being stupid, but a steer would be very much appreciated.

I am using the latest Distro which I downloaded to try a couple of days ago.

Thank you for your help.

I think it might help:

Thanks. I am drawing the conclusion this is just the CDR which is deleted. How can I also delete any associated recordings which are recorded as of course? Where are these kept? Thanks again. Much appreciated.

And while I am at it, why is there no admin function to do this? Has it been a deliberate decision or is it just something which has been overlooked? Just curious. Thanks again

The audio files are in:

If you are using queues, logs are in:
/var/log/asterisk/queue_log and queue_log-by-date

And the logs are also stored in:

You must have on hand the root User

You are a star … I wonder why there is no admin function to do this … looks like I am going to have to do a little programming myself. Should be fun as I haven’t really done any for about 10 years :slight_smile:

What would you recommend I do it in? I am prob going to have to start afresh and learn the prog lang, so it doesn’t matter too much what really. I will of course do my tests on a cloned system so I do not screw up a working one …

All you need is there in: and

Thanks again - I am just finding my feet with this and at the minute I cannot see what I need or am clear where to go … the links are much appreciated. Thank you so much.