Howto connect two or more FreePBX systems via PJSIP?

Hi guys,

I want to connect 2 or more FreePBX systems using PJSIP.
I used to 've SIP trunks type=peer or type=friend

I cannot grasp the idea of connecting 2 FreePBX systems using PJSIP is there any documentation on that ?

I think you will find this article helpful.

Short answer, the most basic configuration would be to have the following pjsip settings on both ends:

Authentication: None
Registration: None
IP: ip-of-the-other-PBX
Port: pjsip-port-of-the-other-PBX

Basically what utelit said except for you need to worry about the firewall and Asterisk SIP settings IPs if the PBXs are on different subnets. You’ll need to make sure that SIP and RTP traffic between them is fully allowed.

if i need authnetication between the 2 peers ?

You set one trunk as inbound and create the user/password. You set the other trunk as outbound and use the user/password from the first trunk. This will make the second trunk register to the first.


Thank you!!

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