Howto change admin password

Hi all

i installed freepbx with asterisk on my apple pb, everything works ok!
but the user to manage freepbx is the default admin with pasword admin

i’d like to change the password, but i don’t know how to do it.
i know that in trixbox or aah there is a command passwd-maint that change
the password, but i’m not using them so how can i change it?

in amportal.conf? in mysql?


Hi Smaikol

Its very simple to chage the passwords

log into the asterisk box, ie command prompt, you can do this through puttty or a terminal window.

The password you need to change are the following

passwd will change your route password
passwd-amp is your portal password
passwd-maint will change your admin for free pbx
passwd-meetme to see up meetme

Hope this helps


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hi kerry
thanks for answer, but my case is not trixbox or ahh
i have only asterisk and freepbx installaed in a yelow dog apple machine

so i don’t have passwd-maint and so on to change the password.
i have user admin and passowrd admin and i would like to change
the password.

so how can i do it in this situation?


Well all they do is the following:


htpasswd /usr/local/apache/passwd/wwwpasswd wwwadmin


htpasswd /usr/local/apache/passwd/wwwpasswd maint


htpasswd /usr/local/apache/passwd/wwwpasswd meetme

ok, i took a look but i don’t have any wwwpasswd directory or file.

So, all those stuff are related to trixbox probably, i’m not using them, i only
have a stand alone freepbx installation.

where can i change the password for the web interfaca?
in mysql? in htttp somewhere?


I know it’s years out of date, but here’s the answer for anyone like me, who searches google and gets here and fails to find the answer…

I think that this answers the question rather well: -

For old verisons(I don’t know version numbers exactly)… try this

run mysql on your asterisk box.
use asterisk database.
update admin password in ampusers table.

change to “NEW_PASSWORD”, you can do like this,

[[email protected] /]# mysql

mysql>use asterisk;

Database changed

mysql> update ampusers set password=“NEW_PASSWORD” where username=“admin”;

for latest version(probably 2.7.x.x)
log on with user name admin and password admin

click administrators from Setup tab
click admin on right hand side
then change password

The mysql procedure worked like a charm, thanks pc3070

The mysql trick will NOT work for newer versions of FreePBX. Do NOT follow the advice.

how is the freepbx default password on the asterisknow iso changed ?

I have FreePBX and Asterisk on CentOS 5.5

I can not get rid of the freepbx/fpbx web logon.
There is no admin user in setup/administrator

ARI & AMI user/password are changed but I can’t find where the GUI password is stored

Any suggestion is welcome :wink:


Hi all,
I install FreePBX 2.8.0 on ubuntu 10.04, Asterisk 1.6.
Default, when I login Freepbx, it doesn’t prompt enter password and username.
Now I want my freepbx to display the prompt:

How can I do it? Please help me!

Thanks a lot!

Ngan Nguyen

Changing password is so simple as oxyfem mentioned, thanks for that.

once logged in, go to Setup --> Administrators
click on admin, in the right hand corner
under General settings, change the password

Anyone have any answer for tadpole? It seems there is always an administrator with the default freepbx/fpbx login that can’t be removed.

Hi Mikael,

I’m sure that’s great advice, but with so many different suggestions, and most of them below indicate that each different solution works for some, while for others it breaks,

What is the recommended method?

Might one just create a new admin from the panel, set a password for that user, and then delete the original one?

I am reposting wat was posted at

Copy and paste this into a file - new-freepbx-password.php

<?php $newpassword = 'somethingNEW123'; echo sha1($newpassword) ; ?>

Newer versions have a different password field and the password is hashed.

chmod a+x new-freepbx-password.php

php -f new-freepbx-password.php

[[email protected] ~]# php -f new-freepbx-password.php

Take this 658… value and put it into ampusers database table

Login to the mysql gui with mysql -u username -p

use asterisk;
update ampusers set password_sha1 = ‘658b27d9ab363eaab080ea65da35ceed21908fe5’ where username = ‘admin’ limit 1 ;

Now try logging in again with admin/somethingNEW123 -> success!!

You can change it through mysql. The only difference with the new freepbx is that you have to sha the password.

update ampusers set password_sha1=sha1(“NEW PASSWORD”) where username=“admin”;