How to write queue log data to asteriskcdrdb queuelog

Is there a way to configure Freepbx to write queue log data direct to asteriskcdrdb queuelog? Data currrently goes only to the quelogs in /var/logs…

I am trying/hoping to do this through the FreePbx gui as it will potentially save issues when reloading or upgrading.

I am using:
Standard FreePbx with some commercial modules;
Asterisk 16.6.2

Most of the stuff I have found on the forum is quite old.
Any help appreciated. Thank you

Looks like importing the queuelogs into MySql is the only way?

You can configure Asterisk to write queue log data directly to SQL. The Queue Wallboard commercial module sets this up for you.

Hi Igaetz,
Thank you for responding.
Queue Wallboard is a ticket price too far for us simply to be able to put the log records into the MySql table. Would love to have the Wallboard functionality but…
I can get the information I require from the queuelog table with a couple of queries (a lot more basic that Wallboard). I was hoping to be able to have FreePbx or Asterisk load the table automatically but I cannot see how to do this with out setting up an MySql import task.


queue_log => odbc,asteriskcdrdb,queuelog

Thank you mrpbueno. I will test this later this week.

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