How to user specific Misc Application

Hello !

I need to have Misc Application or Speed Dial that are specific to a user (or a group of users to be precise).

For example :
User A when he dials 101 it dials 032 300 30 30

User B when he dials 101 it dials 025 500 50 50

How to do it?

If you have 15, you can install Dynamic Routes from the FreePBX mirror. You can create Misc. Destinations for each of the external numbers and a dynroute that branches the call to each of the Misc Destinations based on the Asterisk variable value of ${AMPUSER}, which will be the dialing user extension number. Then create a dialable feature code, 101 using a Misc Application.


I will try that ! Thank you !

Edit : It’s working fine !

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