How to use other outbound Route when first gets BUSY

Hello All!

I’m trying to figure out this issue:
I have configured one trunk to GSM gateway where I have 4 SIM (4 slots).
Each slot has own prefix number.
I have configured 4 outbound routes (each route with specific prefix for one slot).

And now the problem:
If I call via outbound route 1 (to slot 1 on GSM GW) and this SIM is BUSY I’d like to switch to outbound route 2 and make this call again but via Outbound route 2 and so SIM2.
How should I told this to Asterisk? Something like If BUSY GoTo Route2 :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make via web gui? How?

Many thx for replies and sorry for my English

It doesn’t work that way. You need to set up one outbound route that lists 4 trunks. Each trunk has a dialed number manipulation rule that prepends the prefix required to select the corresponding SIM.

Many thanks for reply Stewart,

I tried it even before but I can not register two same trunks.
In CLI I see that your tip is working perfectly (it tries trunk1 with prefix for slot1, it comes with busy so it tries trunk2 with prefix for slot2 - GREAT!!)
But there is a problem with registration of two same trunks:
FreePBX don’t allow that.

CLI> sip show peers
Name/username                         Host              Dyn    Forcerport Comedia   ACL    Port     Status      
AAAAA/AAAAA                      <IP ADDR>           D            Yes        Yes                 5060     OK (4 ms)
AAAAA_copy_1/AAAAA        (Unspecified)         D            Yes        Yes          0              UNKNOWN

So any suggestions how to register that?

That is not what you were told.

You were told to list multiple trunks in the outbound route.

Hello Sorvani, thanks for reply.
So can you give an example? Something more concrete how to Outbound route should looks like cause I probably misunderstood.
Thank you

I figured it out!

I used Custom trunks for rest of three trunks and fill Custom dial string with proper prefixes from Slot2 to Slot4.
So i have one registered trunk and three Custom trunks to which I reffering to in Outbound Route.

So maybe this point help someone.

Thank you guys for directing me to right way

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