How to use analog phones?

Hi folks,

A client wants to keep their old Inter-Tel KTS analog phones for budget reasons. Two questions:

  1. How could they use these with FreePBX?
  2. Would they be losing any features that they currently have with their analog PBX?


The INTER TEL phones are designed to use with their own PBX. There would be no practical way to use them with an Asterisk system.


As BF said, no can do.

As for the feature set you’ll have to do your own research. They likely wouldn’t lose any features except the ability to have a dedicated line button for each trunk that is connected to the system.

You also should consider that great, reconditioned phones are available in the $60 range. I have generally found that companies that can’t afford the system, if you try and make it affordable they won’t want to pay you to take care of it either.

I (in the nicest way possible) suggest that maybe the time is not right for new phone system.

If the installation is going to save money, then calculate the ROI and see if leasing the hardware makes sense.

Great idea – Suggestions on where to get reconditioned phones?

eBay is my favorite place.

I also have reconditioned Aastra 6731’s and 6757i’s in stock. You can send me a PM if you would like more information. The Aastra’s are the easiest phones to integrate with FreePBX.