How to upgrade FreePBX 13 to 14 on CentOS 7

Are there any instructions on how to upgrade FreePBX 13 to 14, when not using the Distro? It’s running on CentOS 7 so version 14 should be compatible, but the upgrade instructions only refer to upgrading to 13. Is it even possible? In an ideal world I’d use the distro but none of our cloud server providers support installation of custom ISOs.

Install the 14 version upgrade module on your 13 system from module admin and it will walk you through the upgrade.

Hey guys,

i’ve tryed to update our Sangoma 7 too. The script installed everything smoothly till it stopped at this same spot: ###Running Yum Upgrade###

At this point I get an endless loop.

Does somebody has any idea where the issue? Thank you