How to transfer call to another device with same extension?

I have an extension set up using pjsip that has two devices. One is a desktop phone the other a cordless. Both devices ring from the same extension and it works great. If a user is talking on their desktop phone and wants to walk away they could transfer the call to the cordless device. I don’t know what to do to make this work though. It would be nice to have a button programmed on the phones to make the switch. Any tips?

Transfer to your same extension and answer the call on the other device.

I thought of that but I’m wondering can the transfer be aware of it’s own extension so I don’t have to enter it? Not sure I’m wording that right.

Nope - you have to specify the destination of the transfer.

You could create a button like ##ext# replacing ext with your extension number. For example with Sangoma phones this would be a DTMF type button.

I didn’t want to do this with every phone. Seems like a basefile edit could do this.