How to transfer all incoming calls of a trunk to a specific extension?

Hello all !

I would like to know if there is any way to get this done : I have calls coming in over a trunk and I want them all to go on a certain extension.

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hello wiseoldowl,

I do not understand what you mean by “have an inbound route for calls from that trunk”. I only know the possiblilty to set the DID or CID in order to filter calls for an inbound rout, but I do not know how to link a trunk to an outbound route.

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Hi wiseoldowl,

how do I setup “an inbound rout for calls from this trunk” ? I do setup inbound routes, but I do not see how to set a source trunk.

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I assume you have an inbound route for calls from this trunk - if so, just change the destination!

If you DON’T have an inbound route for calls from that trunk, then you don’t have FreePBX configured properly, and it’s time to start reading the documentation!

How does this trunk get called?

Is it from sip provider? if so, then your DID (incoming pstn number) should be able do the filter.

if you don’t have DID then how is the trunk being called? is it an ‘open’ sip?

if so, maybe consider using a custom extension that would route all calls to intended destination.

Hello Yedidyah!

Thanks for your suggestions.
Yes, I do not have DID which I could use for the filter. I am not sure if I understand what you mean by ‘open’ sip. But could you be so kind and give me a hint concerning the custom extension (or do you mean a custom trunk ?) ?

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You create an INBOUND ROUTE and use the DID associated with the trunk as the trigger.

And if you are saying the provider isn’t sending the DID, then look here:

It may be as simple as an addition to your registration string, as the above link will explain.

Hi wiseoldowl,

thanks a lot for the link ! This solved my problem !

I fought with this problem since days … thank you so much.


PS : by the way, I have another nasty problem, that causes me even more headache, if you would have a suggestion, would be great :

How do people call this trunk?

This is the key question.

Although even with out an answer what i said should work .



exten => i,1,Goto(from-internal|613|1)

in to the end of /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf
change the ‘613’ to whatever is the extension to call

then in the trunk, in USER Details: amongst other settings you should have