How to Test a FreePBX system without T1?

Our current FreePBX v2.2.3 uses T1 for all calls.

If I wanted to create a newer system, ie FreePBX v2.6, how would I test the new system without physically moving the T1 from the production system? Is there a way to use a laptop to simulate calls and see how the system will react?

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Here is what I would do. First off backup your system. Next upgrade FreePBX to the latest version as you can’t really build a new system with the latest and greatest FreePBX and then restore from a older FreePBX version. Things get messed up that way. Then you can make a FreePBX backup of the system and restore it to the newer system and it will work. Even if you have a different version of Asterisk or the underlying OS.

Sticking to a given version of FreePBX and asterisk is great if you don’t have any issues, the system is secured, etc. But from a migration and/or disaster recovery angle is is a huge road block.