How to temporarily disable the extension?

I would like to set up internal numbers and telephones, but not activate them yet.
It is possible to disable the extension?

My system:
PBX Firmware:

Current Asterisk Version: 13.22.0

No. but you can setup custom context to block internal calls, or you can block outgoing calls on the outbound route.

However, you can submit a feature request (if there isn’t one yet)

I wouldn’t say “No”, but what you mean by “disable” might change the answer.

If you want the phones to simply not be able to connect, you could set up your DHCP server so that all of the phones don’t try to connect to the server (next-server) or don’t download files (Option 66) that point to the server.

There should also be a way to set the phones up so that they don’t ring (using something in Bulk Handler).

If the phones are plugged in, they are going to hammer the server trying to log in, so disabling the phones could mean a couple of different things. If you can be more specific (what level of disabled you are looking for) we can probably come up with something.

My client moves to a new office. The phone numbers are the same.
The PBX from analog to FreePBX is changed.

I can transfer numbers from the analogue exchange to FreePBX.
The client will only transfer several numbers at once.

How to prepare all VoIP phones for him.
If I configure all on FreePBX, the client will not be able to call numbers in the old office.

You could always build extensions and not register them to an endpoint. Then in extensions>advanced settings choose what to do when someone internally calls that number.

How much time do you have to prepare?

You are converting analog phones to a FreePBX system? There are LOTS of differences that are going to make the transition challenging from a “smoothness” perspective. Assuming the answer is “Yes”, it is possible to do what you need to do.

First - how are you connecting the FreePBX service to the Public Switched Telephone Network? Are you using analog lines or are you using a SIP provider. If you are moving analog lines and using a Channel Bank or ATA, the problem is self-solving since the call will go where the number points.

So, here’s how I’d approach it:

  • Set up the FreePBX server so that it “can” answer and route calls to the numbers you are expecting.
  • Set up a VOIP account where you can transfer the numbers from the analog circuits to the VOIP service. When you set it up, get a single “test” number that you will use to test your new PBX. Set up an “any/any” Inbound Route and have it ring a phone, or go to an IVR, or something so that you can test it.
  • Get all of the extensions set up so that they can call each other.
  • Set up an “outbound” trunk and Outgoing Route for “all calls”. This way, anything that isn’t a special number (411, 911, etc.) or an extension (2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, etc.) will get routed to the VOIP service.
  • “Port” a number to your new server. When you do this, the old analog phone will stop ringing and the FreePBX system will answer the call. When you call the number, it will drop into your “any/any” route and get answered like your test call.
  • Set up an Inbound Route for that DID number. The easiest way I know of to make sure this works is to check the /var/log/asterisk/full log and find out what “DID” your carrier is sending you. You may need to strip zeroes or plus signs off the number, but that’s OK - you can find that later.

This way, the old phones will stay alive at the old location and the new phones can still call the old phone numbers. “Port” the numbers from the analog lines to the VOIP provider. Your VOIP trunk will deliver the calls to the PBX, which you can then route through Incoming Routes or by answering the “any/any” phone and using the Transfer function to send the call where it needs to go.

In extensions> advanced settings i change “Dial” to: “IAX2/to-pbx/my_extension” and its works as excepted.

Between the analog PBX and Freepbx I have IAX Trunk.
From the analog PBX I can redirect the number to FreePBX.

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