How to tell which trunks are offline

On the dashboard there is a great tool to tell me the number of trunks offline or online.

  1. I there another display that can tell me which particular trunks are offline?

  2. Can I set up an email notification for when a trunk goes offline?


OK, so I found question number 1 in the asterisk reports. Duhh…

Any ideas on number 2?

doing this on memory - i think in the advanced settings you can turn on the display of monitor trunk failure or something similar in the trunk definition. you can then write a script that does what ever you want when the trunk is down. however if you use ip authentication instead of trunk registration, then there is no monitoring of the trunk status.

OK, I found the setting and where to enter the script but no idea how to write the script…

i am sure someone on here will be more than willing to help you with a script for a couple of dollars

happy to pay a couple of dollars!

Here is a script we use to use in older training classes when we use to talk about this.

Thank you Tony. So then I need to save this to a file somewhere and then have a script to run that file? Sorry, I’ve never done something like this…

ok well then this is going to be to advanced for you as the script has to be modified for your own needs also for things like your email address and such.