How to switch to the ATA’s dialtone


Wehn I go off hook om my Linksys SPA 2102 i hear 5 short beeps, and geta dial tone that not is made by yhe ATA. How do I get teh ATA’s dial tone.

I am totally green on this, but have installed Incredible PBX on a Raspberry pi.

I have used 3CX for years, but this is a test to see if I could change. All setup has to be made in the GUI. All this is based on an old telphone hobby so my main exchange is a an old one from 1946 without a single semiconductor. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


Got a simple hint to set MWI Serv: to no on the ATA, and that solved it
Thank you!



another solution would to actually listen to your voicemails :slight_smile: it’s an acoustic informational signal, not intended to be an annoyance.


I have not enabled voicemail for any extensions :slight_smile:


then it’s carrier based voicemail you still need to clear

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