How to statically allocate an ethn interface in freepbx ? the original was eth0 but now is showing eth1

How to statically allocate an ethn interface in freepbx ? yesterday before a crash system my eth interface was eth0 then in order to fix it I put the usb stick where freepbx was installed in other pc with monitor to do the fixes. the system went fixed but when reboot the eth is now eth1 instead of eth0
so i want to make eth0 as was at the begining. but i dont know how to to that.

here are something like that but for other systems other than centos 5.2

here the original link

thanks so much for any help


It shouldn’t be a problem to use eth1.

The Linux kernel assigns Ethernet port names based on the MAC address. During the network startup, the kernel looks for Ethernet port configurations that are assigned to a device through its MAC address. When you changed your USB drive to another machine, the USB drive has eth0 already configured to the old machine’s MAC address.

Linux is “smart” enough to know that eth0 is already assigned to a MAC address and won’t use eth0. This is called persistence and is a good thing except for your application. The kernel basically says, eth0 is already assigned, I’ll use the next available Ethernet interface which happens to be eth1.

You will have to look at the eth1 configuration (sorry haven’t used Slackware in years) to determine the MAC address of the new network card or type “dmesg |less” to find eth0 MAC address or type ifconfig. Then delete eth1’s config file and edit eth0’s config file replacing the original MAC address with the new one. Restart your network services. On some systems it is “service network restart”.

After this, eth0 will be used.

thanks so much i will try to do this thankss