How to start?

I installed the OS/ Software on my Virtual Pc and it Works.
The Wiki here is down what I see.
So how can I get ~3 IP Phones to work just for a an Internal “Demo”.
For your Home I need just an Internal System to call my Granny and see if she is rite or not.

Wiki seems to be working for me

Nope the Wiki is down for me. It load with no end.

The Wiki seems to be working fine for me also, however, if you’re having problems accessing it then here is a good link that is from an outside source about setting everything up.

I see just that:

no infos what ever… Is there any howto how to start?
I need to get it run until tomorrow where we have to leaf and I have to config the IP Phones.

EDIT: I found:
but there is no:
Network settings are configured from the menu “Configuration -> IP Settings”

The “Wiki” is rubbish nothing work there.
Is there a usefull how to?

What “does not work there”?

Better you study some Basics and investigate more time into this. The Wiki is very good and explains the most parts with examples how you can solve it.

Sangoma invests a lot of time into extending the wiki when new features are added. Its not fair to say that the complete wiki is “rubbish”. :rage:

Try a different browser or disable some plugins. Your inability to use the wiki does not affect the quality of it.

There are FreePBX how-tos all over the web. Google “how to set up extensions in FreePBX” and you will get 100,000 results including some youtube videos that demonstate it click-by-click.


So I got from Ebay another Ascom I62 for a very cheap price who I want to use.
And I mean the Wiki Page is Rubbish.

I will search for Youtube Videos now lie sick in my Bed and try to get understand the System.

Which OS, which Browser, which version do you use? Is this a company network with a filter proxy behind? Otherwhise we cannot help you anyway why your wiki page does not work.

I also tried it and it works like a charm, Windows 10, google chrome and everything works.

Sometimes at work when I have an employee that always wants someone else to do their work. I tell them “If I am going to do half your work, I am going to need half your pay.”

This reminds me of those moments.


Win7, Current FF Version, No, (Yes) Squid

Is there no other Page who you can recommend?

I will try it again when i feel better now in the bed without that much sleep its not that good.
(If someone is interested in I got the Wifi IP Phone from Ebay for 30,50€ with Shipping!!!)