How to start freepbx and asterisk

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I finished the installation of freepbx15 but I don’t know how to start it , the tutorial said : Open up your web browser and connect to the ip_address_or_hostname/admin of your new FreePBX server.

How can I have the IP address (this is my IP address or what) and what is the hostname/admin



If you can still access the console and get a shell prompt, type
and you should see network devices named e.g. eth0
Under the name for the network device you are using, you should see inet addr: followed by the IP address. Point your browser there.

If you have no access at all, provide some details (on-site or cloud, physical or virtual, etc.)

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Please do not post multiple threads with the same question.


@louislou24, you should read all that @billsimon has contributed (here and elsewhere), he is our goto dude when it comes to deploying FreePBX on Debian based systems, His recipes work perfectly.

Given your reticence to ‘just use the Distro’ , you have a long row to hoe if you ignore this advice. On the other hand absorb all the knowledge offered and you will soon be enlightened.

(Please don’t be a Bull in a china shop, please stop the ‘posting diarrhea’ , some of us get annoyed when you just refuse to read the readily available FM’s )

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Thank you it’s worked , so if I understand Whenever I want to launch freepbx and asterisk to call I should do that, that is, my IP/ admin on a browser

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No… when you want to configure, administer your FreePBX you launch the WEBGUI in a browser… You dont need to launch the webgui in a browser in order to make calls… Its already on and running when you booted it up…

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