How to specify specific trunk just for inbound?

I have two trunks by the same carrier. They require info for incoming and rfc2833 for outgoing for DTMF. How do I tell the PBX to use the correct trunk for incoming? Its working for outgoing fine but incoming calls are going to the outgoing trunk

You’ll have to do something with the inbound call trunk context, since that’s really all you have. If the provider is sending you inbound calls on your “outbound” trunk, then you will have to do something with the context associated with your “outbound” trunk that directs the inbound calls to the right destination.

I’m still unclear on why this is an issue and how this could be happening, though. SIP trunks are specific to a specific provider, but they are used for whatever the provider wants to use them for. They are also disassociated, in that an incoming call comes in on a trunk and an outgoing call goes out on a trunk, but unless you set them up specifically for this to happen, calls come from where they come from.

In regards to incoming DTMF that is just the system accepting digits being sent to it. There is nothing in Chan_SIP or PJSIP for incoming DTMF. SIP-INFO and rfc2833/rfc4377 are both out-of-band DTMF modes, so that means the provider is sending DTMF outside the RTP payload and it is sent in the SDP body in the fmtp=101 0-16 line (close to something like that).

The dtmfmode= or dtmf_mode= for peers/endpoints is setting how DTMF is delivered. So for you and your provider, having two trunks with one having dtmfmode=info and the other having dtmfmode=rfc2833 is just going to impact how the PBX is sending DTMF from it to the provider. Not the other way around.

So are you having issues with accepting DTMF from the provider on incoming calls to the PBX? Because SIP-INFO is awful and lost out as the recommended standard for delivering DTMF due to it having delay issues between the key input and sending the tones out.

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