How to snyc CDR databases

If I restore the CDRs it overwrites everything on the newer one instead of syncing. Probably a simple click of a button somewhere, but I cant find it. What’s the best way to effectively merge CDRs?

Also, is there a way to do this in chunks? The old CDRs are millions of lines long. Or is there a way to backup just the CDR and not the CEL table as well?

Neither PBX is using a remote CDR database.

**edit: backing up the CDR table and not the CEL table is easy enough. Just type cel into the exclude field in the backup.

That’s the best you’re going to get right now without writing this yourself. There are no incremental backups or restores. You would need to import the old CDR records into the current database table.

I just posted a message last week about using mysqldump without destroying your extant table data. There are lots of discussions about this, including one from @BGM and @lgaetz where they get into the weeds on doing this.

The option “–ignore-errors” will allow you to use “INSERT” commands where the data is already in the database (so the INSERT will just skip duplicates).

Thank you everyone, reading the thread linked and will look for threads by the other two names mentioned.

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