How to simplify Freepbx GUI interface?

I want to reduce Freepbx GUI complexity from customers so i want to create or modify or add extra layer whatever can be applied over freepbx. What is the easiest way to do it? I want to make a user userfriendly and simple web interface.

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So do we… That is why we have added wizards etc. You can only make it so simple before it is no longer flexible or useful. What exactly do you want to do?


There will be some settings but not all for some users. Some users see some options in a page some more some less. We want something like that.
Changing logo? Changing theme ? Changing language?

Logo and language in the wiki , there is no other “theme” but you can ‘brand’ it if you pay

There is Freepbx version in my system. How to translate it to my language? Can you explain me?
There is an old version explanation of adding language manually on Wiki.
I think structure is changing from old version to new version.

You mean in FreePBX GUI?

You can do that already.
When you add an administrator you can select all the different GUI menu items that this login can see and administrate.
You can use userman too to do this.

How can i translate WEB GUI to another language?
Is there any manual about Freepbx 13.0.XX ??

translations are done from

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But there is not any translation in my language. How can i make it?
Is there anyway to make translation in my actual freepbx system?

Is there any manual how to make manual translation Freepbx 13 web GUI to another language?

It’s documented on the wiki at

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1-There is not any language links in Freepbx 13 in that page.

2-so where i will insert this link:(I copied and pasted from freepbx wiki page)
$out .= '<li data-lang…

3-when I click right side of the language dropdown box and when I select new defined language so which page will be attempted to open?and that page will be read words and sentences about web GUI from my new inserted .mo file?

I don’t understand what you are asking here. You have to submit a request to us for access to weblate to do the translations. Once that is done we push a update for FreePBX to include the new translations.

As stated already this is outlined in our wiki. Here is the link for clarification.

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I want to to it in my system. So why I ask you how to do it.

Maybe you should “reach out” to other users of FreePBX who speak your language, if you do that you can conjoin your efforts, but generally unless you have all the necessary files in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/yourlanguage the system won’t speak “Your language”, lf you want the FreePBX interface to also appear in your language than your only recourse is to listen to @tonyclewis and do the grunt work (Several Hundred translations needed)

Framework alone, one of too many to count components to translate has over 2000 strings and over 20000 words to translate and some of them are pretty hard to translate…

If Yusuf’s native language is what I believe it is (ie Arabic) this will definitely be interesting as it looks like there are some render problem with RTL (Right-To-Left) languages (I tried with Persian which is one)… It’s normal to have the screen appear inverted but things like the Summary in the System Overview don’t render right…

I also know for a fact that some sentences/strings are the result of concatenations and this doesn’t play nice with all languages, especially RTL ones… I had some problems or expected problems with some of them for a LTR language… Those concatenations assume English word order which can be different in another language…

Yusuf, if you want to translate FreePBX you definitely need to look at the wiki page @tonyclewis referred you to…

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eerga yallatot I :wink:

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These should be mostly ok. One of our partners in Japan has invested a ton of time to RTL stuff. As always feel free to file bugs when you encounter such things. We have invested pretty heavily in localization and trying for 100% coverage. This was one of the themes in 14 and I imagine well forever forward.

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That probably was to handle other languages beside Japanese as it’s usually written top to bottom or left to right IIRC…

Thank you!

For one of the problem I had spotted I actually sent a pull request (which was applied). The FreePBX Statistics of the dashboard was the result of a concatenation of the “branding” with “Statistics” (instead of using a place holder for the branding).

In my case I needed to have it write Statistiques FreePBX (French) and since it was the result of a concatenation which was forcing a specific word order it was impossible to do without having it fixed.

The others I will try to dig up (and fix if they are not commercial modules for which the source code is unavailable). By the way, I am pretty sure that I saw some new ones added recently…

As for issues with RTL languages, I will let people who actually use those report these… While it’s easy to spot the problems I saw in the dashboard (try it, you will see what I mean), I doubt I could spot all of them… I speak a few words of a few languages beside my own and English but none of those languages are RTL…

(I am responsible of taking care of translation issues for another open source application so it help develop and interest for other languages…)

Have a nice day!



The last bug we got about RTL was that it was “broken”. Being a LTR language reader I’m not much help. Same with our team of French,Spanish and English. Unfortunately the person who reported the bug did not have any further input on how to fix it other than we should.