How To: Signalise "Busy" if one Extension in Follow-me is busy


Details to the current System:
FreePBX: 2.9.0
Debian: 6

I have currently the following challange:

  • “How to configure FreePBX so that an incoming call is declared as “busy” to the caller while two extensions are set in a “follow-me” or “ring group” and just one of them is actualy busy?”

Or client has some separate inboundrouts for his employees like

Some of them have a SNOM370 VoIP-Phone and a Gigaset610IP DECT-Phone.
In this example the employee with inboundroute “…6031”:
Extension “31” is the Snom, Extension “41” is the DECT-Phone.
Calls on Inboundrout “6031” are given to the Follow-me-Rule “31”. In this Follow-Me both Extensions are listet.

In this actual szenario both extensions are ringing. The problem now is that if this employee is busy either on the snom or the DECT, he won’t take of the other call. The call will be terminated after 20 secounds. For the Caller this seems like this person is not in the office or what so ever.

The Target now is that if the employee is busy on either one of the phones, an additional incoming call shouldn’t even ring but the system should declare the line as busy and not ringing on either one of the phones.

How could this be realised?

I haven’t found any good solution so far.
The challange increases as the mainnumber “…6030” leads to a ringgroup which includes the extension 31. Which meens we must make shure that the solution doesn’t interfear with other inboundrouts.

Example: The solution bases on a check on the extension 31 itself, which is included in the main ringgroup; this would lead to a drop of any other incomming calls if only one of the extensions is busy…

I hope you see my problem here ;D

when he is on the snom phone and a new call comes in? just go directly to voice mail?

No. When he is occupied on one of the two phones (no matter which one) and a new call comes in, the caller should get “the line is busy now” (even though there would be free lines available).

The main problem here is that there is no ring strategy which provides this check.

what should happen? do you hang up or go to voicemail?