How to setup the mobile phone softphone on a changing IP address?

Hi everyone I have a softphone (Zoiper) installed on my cell phone. Every single time that I restart the phone, my mobile provider changes my IP address and the firewall for free PBX is blocking me again. Also I have some people in other country with mobile phones softphone that I want to register to the PBX. Could you please guide me on how the leave them registered permanently? Thanks in advance.

You can not force your cell carrier to not change your IP. I suggest you look at enabling responsive firewall inside the FreePBX firewall that way they can register from anywhere and you do not have to white list your IPs

Thank you Tony for your quick answer. Do you have or do you know about any tutorial either in video or erigen that I can follow step by step on how to do that? I’m sorry to bother you but I am new to freepbx. thank you very much for your help.

Hi @comtech, thank you for your answer. I did read the article but I don’t quite understand how to unblock the feature for remote mobile phones. could you help me please?

The point of the Responsive Firewall is remote mobile phones. Once you turn it on and set your Responsive Firewall port types (Chan-SIP, PJ-SIP, IAX2), the feature is up and running.

I am not sure what your asking. If you read the documentation, the responsive firewall will not block anything until the 50th attempt. So if you’ve turned on responsive firewall, you should be able to reach your box. I also recommend reading the fail2ban (System Admin>Intrusion Detection) and blacklist documentation. It can help you if your IP is already blocked.

These might help shape more specific questions that can be more easily answered.

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