How to setup sms with VoipInnovations Module and Sangoma Connect or Zulu?

Finally getting around to trying to set up sms/mms though FreePBX Distro. I’ve got the VoipInnovations side done correctly and have the VoipInnovations module set up (mostly) correctly I believe on my PBX. Got a few licenses for sangoma connect and zulu. Have the connect app working on the phone for voice and the zulu app installed on my desktop along with UCP configured.

My understanding is that MMS doesn’t work yet though VI which is fine as I’m just trying to get sms to work.

I’ve looked at the wiki for the VI Module but I can’t seem to find any tutorials or instructions anywhere on how to really get this all set up and working on the FreePBX side. I’m sure I’ve got the inbound outbound routes wrong.

Can anyone here point me to some better docs or know the steps involved to get sms working through FreePBX and sangoma connect or Zulu desktop?

If you have SMS enabled DIDs in your VI account, then you will see additional tabs when editing a user in User Management. From there you can assign a DID for SMS purposes. Once a user has an SMS DID assigned in userman, that user can send and receive messages in UCP, Connect mobile and is Zulu.

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@lgaetz After about an hour and a half all the test messages started coming in. I’ve got it working on UCP and Zulu desktop app but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do it on the connect mobile app. is there a setting somewhere? I did install the app BEFORE I had text messaging assigned to the user, does connect mobile need to be re-configured to get the sms capability not that it’s assigned to the user account?

Follow-up FreePBX questions about SMS:

  1. can the same sms DID be assigned to multiple users/extensions. If so will they both see the entire message threads?
  2. If I have mutliple DID’s for messaging, do I need to set up outbound routes with caller ID for each? Do I need to setup inbound outbound routes at all or does the Voip Innovations and user manager modules take care of that?
  3. does MMS work with VI DID’s, FreePBX and Sangoma Connect?
  4. There doesn’t seem to be any sound notifications for new sms messages in Zulu even when set in the preferences. Is this a future enhancement?
  5. how do I get the messaging to work on the Sangoma Connect Mobile app?

After you assign the DID to the user, from the SC you will be receiving messages sent to that DID. On the Connect tab for that user you may change the Outbound DID for messages sent from Connect.
There isn’t such thing as outbound/inbound route for SMS. Just assign the DID to the user.

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@spioli Thanks for the clarification. It seemed too simple.

Ok, I’ve got the connect mobile app working with sms. Had to enable it under the SangomaConnect tab in FreePBX and then re-activate the app to get the messaging icon to show up at the bottom.

Next issue: Notifications do not work properly in the app. I don’t get a new message indicator on the app icon and I do not get any popups unless I have the app open and in focus on my iPhone. This is pretty useless in the real world. Is it possible I’m missing a preference setting somewhere? I believe I have all the notifications turned on in the app and in the phone notifications settings.

I think that is more to do with iPhone than Asterisk. iPhone power management aggressively puts applications to sleep, such that they won’t respond to SIP. To make an incoming call to the device, one has to use the Apple push service, to wake the app up, before starting to talk SIP. I presume, along with most SIP software that attempts to get round this, FreePBX only sends a push for an INVITE, and not for a NOTIFY. NOTIFY’s don’t go through the dialplan, so there would have to be a SIP proxy to trigger the push.

Although Androids can suffer from the same issue, Android allows you to mark an application so that it never sleeps.

I’m not aware of any issues with push notifications. When the app goes to background, the app loses SIP registration from the PBX, but a cloud server takes over and maintains the SIP registration in it’s place. SIP dialogs are then received by the cloud service and translated into push notifications for your phone. This is what necessitates the list of hosts that must be whitelisted on the pbx which occurs on module install and which are listed in the wiki.

Are you using “dialog” loosely here? NOTIFY’s requests are out of dialogue transactions

(I hadn’t considered there might be a cloud proxy.)

So I should expect to see notification on my iphone for new sms when connect mobile is in the background? I do get the banners for inbound calls when it’s in the background. Just not for sms messages.

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