How to setup Sipstation as PJSIP Trunk

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So Ive been using Sipstation for myself and my clients for over a year now. I just use the built in Sipstation module with automatically sets up the SIP trunk and everything has worked great. With everything moving away from CHAN_SIP to PJSIP I wanted to setup my Sipstation trunk as a PJSIP trunk. Currently Sipstation is the only thing using CHANSIP on all my FreePBX and PBXact boxes.

I reached out to Sipstation about converting over they said PJSIP is supported but not through the Sipstation module. You have to set it up manually.

I cant find any wikis or previous threads about people setting up their Sipstation trunk as PJSIP.

Anyone done this before? I have never setup a SIP trunk in FreePBX or PBXact, only have used the Sipstation setup module which has been painless and working great.

Any help or directions would be appreciated on setting up Sipstation as a PJSIP trunk so I can then disable CHANSIP on all my boxes.

I currently run PJSIP on a high port in the 50K range on my FreePBX boxes.

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Under Advanced Settings there is an option:
Enable Experimental SIPStation PJSIP Mode

Setting this to yes will create the SIPStation trunks as pjsip trunks.

I’ve used this on a number of systems.

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Oh wow thats its?

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Just enabled it and the Sipstation module doesnt work anymore, shows an error page but when I go to it.
In Trunks both trunk1 and trunk 2 show PJSIP and incoming and outgoing calling works. That was super easy.

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