How to: setup option 43?

I have auto provision setup fine with option 66. How ever, I need option 43 so I can enter global username and password and specific vendor details. Does anyone know how this works?

It’s going to depend on how your DHCP server has option 43 defined.

I ended up not needing it. Thanks for your help Dave

It’s still a good question - the type of the field in the DHCP definitions will determine how you set up the values for your Options 43. ISC DHCP and Microsoft DHCP have different defaults for some fields, so it’s a reasonable question.

For example, if you set up a custom option in DHCP, you can define it as a URL or an IP address, and it’s important to know the difference for your application, since the presentation and definition both present differently.

Glad to hear you didn’t need the help.