How to setup MoH for direct dials?


I’ve set up a simple ivr and in this setup callers can dial extensions directly. For example, caller dials 104 and they only hear continuous dial tone until the extension picks up. I’d prefer moh or at least beep pause beep (I don’t know what it is called).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

It would be helpful to have some version info on your system and how you have the IVR configured.

I’m running FreePBX and Asterisk 11.4.0
My IVR setup is configured as
Inbound route -> IVR -> Press 1 for this, Press for 2 for that which corresponds to the ring groups.

If the caller directly dials 104 (or any other extension), it bypasses ring groups and directly dials the phone. There’s no problem with the functionality but the caller hears only continous beep (same as line sound before dialing any number) before the user picks up.

I’ve found the solution, it’s under the follow me settings -> Play Music On Hold