How to setup maint password under FreePBX

Hi All,

I have a fresh install, working perfect but I have noticed that when I access the GUI http:///admin the system doesn’t ask me for a username and password.

I cleared all cache, cookies etc…but still no joy.

I used to using Trixbox before among other distros and I am used to using “maint” username.

How and where do we setup username and password to secure access to /admin and ALL other GUI interfaces for FreePBX.


I’ll bet the first time it prompted you for the user name and password you entered them, and checked the box (or it was already checked) that said remember username/password. Which your browser now does and provides it for you.

Nope, as I mentioned, I cleared the cache and even used a different browser.

I just want to know how and where to set these usernames and passwords.


What distro do you have installed?

I have a manual install:

CentOS 5.1
Asterisk 1.4, Zaptel and Libpri
Freepbx 2.4
A2Billing 1.3.2

I’m currently upgrading Asterisk, I have installed AAH 2.8 and successfully set up extension 200, 201, trunks, and the outbound using Voip Jet. Using xlite soft phone I can make call to the outside world. Now here is the dilemma, I’m using spa2002 and when it tries to register is pointing to the old asterisk what file am I missing here? Any assistance will be appreciated.


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Thank you, I was wondering myself.

Any leads or assistance with “how and where do we create or change Maint user password?” is appreciated.



I have only asked the question after I looked and looked again and couldn’t find a user called “maint” any where and that inculude:

/etc/asterisk/manager.conf nor manager_custom.conf

I can see AMPMGRUSER admin not maint.

When I go http://IP Address/admin I am presented with a login screen and only maint username works here. I even tried admin and it doesn’t work.

It seems that this is an undocumented secret :slight_smile:

any one??

passwd-maint from an ssh session?

It’s under Setup|Basic|Administrators.

If you have your FreePBX administration set up within this area, you can define additional users with limited functionaliy, like the ability to create extensions.

In /etc/amportal.conf there is a setting to set authentication via the database, (auth) and you can create users in FreePBX under administrators.

Alternatively, you can set DBAuth to none, in which case, there will be no restriction to your logging on, no username no nothing required. That is what you are experiencing at the moment.

Trixbox, and others get round this problem by securing the admin directory with .htaccess, and they have chosen maint as the username.

Joe Roper

Thanks Joe.

Now it all starts to make sense.

My setting in amportal.conf is AUTHTYPE=none.

I will have to change that to database then start using FreePBX to create admin users.

Thanks again.

Hi folks,
I’ve tryed to use that feature, but it do not work.
I mean that, if I use auth=none, maint can login, then I’ve created 2 more admins.
Then I changed to auth=database, but no one can login.
Where am I wrong?
I’m using Trixbox 2.6
FreePBX updated to 2.4.0

Thanks to all.

To change the freepbx auth for tb:

nano /etc/ampportal.conf
to change the line
save and close,
nano /etc/trixbox/httpdconf/trixbox.conf
Rem out the first seven lines in this file, like:
##Password protect /var/www/html/admin

#AuthType Basic
#AuthName “Restricted Area”
#AuthUserFile /usr/local/apache/passwd/wwwpasswd
#Require user wwwadmin maint

Save and exit.
service httpd restart

a little something something I threw together may be worth a read if you use tb!.aspx

passwd-maint on ssh works for me

For FreePBX
cd /etc/httpd/
htpasswd wwwpasswd maint