How to setup FreePBX + GVoice + ShoreTel IP-230

I recently acquired a ShoreTel IP-230 phone and wanted to setup it up on my home network, I got a machine running FreePBX-3.11 and have setup The GVoice[Motif]. I’m, however, having a hard time trying to setup my phone to connect with FreePBX have looked everywhere to see if anyone has successfully setup these type of phones. I’ve tried the “End Point Manager” with no success as ShoreTel is not listed (OUI for ShoreTel is 001049 can’t seem to add it). Would not mind doing some CLI work just need a possible solution.

Any help is appreciated.

I assume you mean FreePBX 2.11 but anyway a quick Google search reveals these are MGCP and not SIP phones. While Asterisk does support MGCP it would require all manual programming and using the custom extension type in FreePBX. Additionally I didn’t see any configuration info on how to setup the Shoretel phone, you’re on your own with that also.

Hardly seems worth all the trouble when a great phone compatible with FreePBX can be had used for under $100.00

Thanks for the info, I did however find a configuration for a similar ShoreTel phone that might help, again if you know at least the steps I will have to do to make it work I wouldn’t mind doing some programming.

You just provided the link, setup a peer as it describes in mgcp.conf. Just use the FreePBX from-internal context. Until you can see the mgcp peer in Asterisk there is nothing else to do.

As I said, the link you sent is accurate.