How to setup discreet calling

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(Allen Antonio) #1

I have this scenario:

A facility using FreePBX has been attacked by insurgence, phone users can dial a number and it will call a specific emergency number and play a pre-recorded message to the other line. On the physical phone, it will just seem like there is a voicemail pending and the phone will not show as being “in-use” as not to alarm the attackers.

Is it possible to do this configuration with FreePBX?

(Tony Lewis - #2

That is not really a FreePBX thing as dialing something on the phone will make it go off hook and play audio. It’s a phone specific feature and we built this into Clearly IP phones called panic calling.


The scenario should be disassociated from seeing to be using a phone, banks use knee operated panic buttons, railroads use ‘dead man’s handle’ be creative, use a capacitative touch sensor on a loved-ones photo frame, a 2 dollar esp2866 , mqtt to alert the ‘good guys’ over 2m walkie-talkies .

yes, being silly here but triggering a panic needs to be rock solid (no ‘boy cried wolf’ ) multiply redundant, (insurgent kills receptionist, what then?) and not dependant on a single point of failure, (the bad guys always cut the phone/network/cameras before abseiling in from the skylight)

(Allen Antonio) #4

Thank you for the input guys. I was checking if it was a possible solution rather than using a separate button. All desks have phones and are aware of aviation security procedures. I was just exploring ways on how to comply with airport regulation with regards to panic procedures.

(Lorne Gaetz) #5

If your phones have BLF button support for XML apps, you could use one to load a URL that initiates an alarm. It would be pretty easy to trigger a false alarm tho.


If any of your staff is already on a call, adding an ‘in-call’ feature code and associated application would be not easily noticed by the bad guys


Some low end phones (Yealink, Grandstream, etc.), though lacking XML apps, can still map a BLF key to a URL, which could trigger an alarm with no visual or audible indication on the phone itself.


Every phone, high end, low end, soft, SIP, IAX2, FXS, et al . . . . can dial an ‘in-call’ feature code. none need any special attention to do that. if you are not ‘in call’ then so be, i.e call your voicemail , dial the secret sauce code, done , so hang up and put your hands in the air :wink: