How to Setup Chanspy? (New to Freepbx And Asterisk)

Hi there, I want to use chanspy with feature code 555 and I’ve seen:

but I don’t know how to set this up as I’m new to Freepbx and asterix and am not very familiar with how setting it up works.

Can anyone plesae share a video or let me know where to add these lines?


Hi @nicola2021

I think you are looking this one, Check it.



First off, there is already a chanspy feature code, 555 that allows you to listen in on calls. If you want the above customization, the content goes entirely in the file extensions_custom.conf and if you’re unfamiliar with editing conf files in FreePBX, you probably want to use the Config Edit module:

Once in place, do an ‘apply config’ in the GUI, and then you will be able to dial extension numbers with a 555 556 prifix to listen in.

Thank you @shahin,

i tried that and it didnt’s seem to work. i have pjsip extensions, may that be the cause?

thank you so much @lgaetz I edited the file but it doesn’t seem to work. i have pjsip extensions not sip, may that be the cause?

or maybe I’m doing something wrong. i have an extension 1009 that I want to listen to.
i’ve tried dialing *5551009 and also 5551009 and it wont allow me to.

The custom dislplan uses the 556 prefix, not 555. I fixed my typo above.

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