How to setup an Asterisk lab and test connectivity

Hello there,

I have installed Asterisk 1.8.11 with Freepbx on an old PC and that installation went fine. I have a Netgear Prosafe 16 port 10/100 siwth with PoE and a Polycom SoundPoint IP 321. I was able to connect up and login via the broswer to my PBX and did all the setup in the intial steps I could find online, like do the updates, change the passwords and added a few extentions.
On the Ploycom phone I have updated the phone’s software and put in all the information to match the settings of that of the PBX.
I am sure that with doing that much I should be able to do some testing but I think I am missing something. Sorry, I am very very new to asterisk and phone systems and I just want to get a working lab so I know how to work this product and looking for help and or suggestions on how to do this setup correctly…
Thanks very much in advance all and I have learnt a lot in the last 3 days.
Thanks Peeps!

what exactly are you trying to test? Your initial post does not state any problem or request for help. You have successfully installed Asterisk, configured it using the web gui and configured settings on a phone. What do you think is missing?

Hello oxon88,

I am currently having issues adding my phones to see the PBX. I can hit each phone via their browser and I have updated their times and firmware and I think I have gone through every step to get the phone online (in a lab sense) as I just want to dial from one phone to the other and if I can get that part to work, that would be great as I think I am just missing one step.

I think that the phones need to be point to the PBX and I guess I dont know where to put in the IP address of the PBX on the phones… Sounds kinda of simple hence my late reply as I thought I could do it but no luck. Any help with this would be great!


Yes, the phones need to be configured to work with the PBX. Perhaps a search for how to configure a Polycom phone will yield some config examples.

i dont use polycom phones myself but it should just be a case of entering the pbx’s ip address and the extension details onto each phone.

generally all that you need to configure on a phone is:

sip server ip address
sip port (5060)
User (extension No.)

the phone should then register itself as a peer on the pbx.