How to set up voice mail to email

I have had my systme set up so when a voice mail message is left it automaticall goes to my Yahoo email. It is not working currently. How do I fix this?

Many thanks.

I installed postfix and I will try to edit the file

Dear sir,
I read about editing postfix to make it able to send voicemails, but I can’t find it in my etc/ directory !?
can you write more details

I’m not in office now, but it seems that the postfix configuration file is /etc/postfix/

If you don’t have such file or the /etc/postfix directory, maybe you have to install the package with a command such “yum install postfix”.

Tell me if you need further.

I had to use the “postfix” linux utility to have emails sent.
You have to configure it with your SMTP server address and credentials to let it send your emails out.

The default mail program “sendmail” gave me problems, and I successfully replaced it with postfix.

Tell me if you need further details.