HOW TO: Set Up Polycom SIP Phone for UK Digitmap


For those who may find this useful here is my digit map for my Polycom SIP Phone. This is important as the phones I bought came set up as US and as such would not dial many UK codes.

  1. Log into your Polycom phone:
    Username: Polycom
    Password: 456

  2. Browse to the SIP page and look for the digit map.

  3. Replace the digit map with this:

Now to explain so that you can amend if you need to…

The ‘|’ character separates each rule.

Numbers withing square brackets are a match rule eg [5-6] means the first digit needs to be either a 5 or 6 for the rest of the pattern to match. so the above rules are:

[9]99 = 999 is a valid rule
*xx = Two digits preceded by an asterisk is valid (used for feature codes)
[0]xxxxxxxxxx = UK National numbers i.e. 11 digits first digit being a 0.
[5-6]xxx = My internal extention range i.e. 4 digit number starting with a 5 or 6.

Once a rule matches, the phone will dial out without the user having to press the 'Dial’key.

I hope this helps.


Can't dial 012XX area codes

Great write up, thanks.

I would make one change. I do not advise making changes in the web interface.

You can use the same digit pattern in your sip.cfg file using the


This will automatically setup the dial plan on all of your Polycom phones. The phones must be configured to download the configuration from a tftp server.

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