How to set up one way call via Queues


I’d like to implement a kind of radio broadcast using Queues.

The objective is to initiate an internal call to a group of phone lines where only the caller can talk, and the callee can only listen.

In my initial attempts, I utilized a custom extension and the app PAGE, like Page(PJSIP/101&PJSIP/102…).

Now, I want to make it more dynamic. I’ve set up Queues with only dynamic Agents. This allows me to dynamically choose whom I will call among these dynamic Agents.

Now, I’m pondering how to achieve a one-way call stream to my dynamic Agents.

Is it possible with Queues?

Thank you for any guidance.

Is the purpose-built paging, and paging pro modules lacking in some requirements?

PBX GUI : Paging and Intercom Module (
PBX GUI : Paging and Intercom User Guide (
PBX GUI : Page Pro (
PBX GUI : Page Pro-Admin Guide (

I might be misunderstanding, but you could run an Asterisk command, and trim it to get a list of agents in a queue:
Queue Members (

You also could query the MySQL database for extensions with specific flags. There is no table documentation publicly available, so you would need to review the tables to find what you need, then build your query.

many thanks for reminding to me the paging module.

That is great for one way calling. But for paging I can not dynamicly add or remove phones from this page group.

Is there some combination of dynamic agents assigning and only one way (half-duplex) calling?

I don’t think this is true, that’s part of the value of a group. From the web gui you can add/remove extensions from the group. This links I provided in my initial post show the device list, giving you the ability to add/remove devices.

Of course you’re right. It could be done via web GUI.
Probably I’m not explaining what I’m interest in properly.
On queues I like that I can add or remove agents via dialpad from any phone by dialing 45
But I’m missing half-Duplex calling which is included at Paging Group.

I’d like let users manage the Paging Groups themselves via dialpad or most likely via some external app.

So at first I would like to initiate it via dialpad so I can see what is going on and after that try integrate it in some external app.

This could be done with a custom dial plan, which you would need using the paging app or not.

If you look at the MySQL tables, you can find the table that stores the group lists for paging. Then you could create a check script that adds or removes from table and reloads dialplan. Tie this script to a custom feature code and there you go.

I have not done this specifically, so there may be additional lumps to smooth out as you build, but the idea seems possible.

Is it a non-starter to grant them FreePBX Admin access and just limit it to the paging app?

custom app, dialpad they are all going to require a custom solution if you want to do it via FreePBX. Very possible, just not plug and play.

Thank you for directing me right way.

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