How to set up multiple extension in freepbx 2.11 advanced?

Hi I have a small office and I down load FreePbx Distro and install ver 2.11 advances, I set up the extension just as I had it set up in Trixbox, I went to my sip voip phones and use the same ext numbers and pass word but only 2 of them worked, the rest of phones will not connect, so I went back to Trixbox it all worked fine, my question is does the new FreePBX supports multiple extensions and if so what am I doing wrong, please help. Thanks

Can you clarify what you mean by multiple extensions?

I tried to set up 6 extension for 6 sip voip phones, there is where the problem came in I can only get to 2 Multiple extension the rest of them would not work,

Are these phones on the same network as the server?

All of the phones are on the same net work, when I switch them back to the old trixbox it all came up and worked fine. The real reason I want to use the freepbx is because there is no login and password and in my onld trixbox some one are gong in the somehow and messing with the outbound routes also I had someone kidnap my did and point them to a recording ivr sent out a blast text to people telling them to call in bacuse their credit card has issue. It cost me lots of money since the wholesaler said that the min was use and my pbx was compromise, I will apperciate any help. Thank you.

So any two will work at a time or just a specific two?

I would also disconnect inbound SIP to your machine except from your carrier right away since your machine has been hacked.

Yes any two will work fine, that is wy I was wondering if the new freepbx 2.11 or 2.11 advance supports multiple ext, as far as the hacking is concern I have report it to my carrier but they can’t do anything since it was my pbx was hacked.

I don’t know what 2.11 advance is there is only one 2.11 and it has no limitations.

I am suggesting that you cut off inbound SIP to your PBX so you don’t get hacked anymore. Not do anything with your carrier.

trixbox-tech must be a lonely existance now :slight_smile:

but welcome to the real world.

Good morning,

If I cut off inbound sip, how will I able to receive and make calls?,