How to set up mobile voip account for iphone

I am new to asterisk and freepbx. I have an iphone 6 that I want to set up on my freepbx server. Can anyone tell me how to set up an account on a local voip number for my iphone. I also have a sim card writer. I am not sure about how to use the sim car writer. Trying to figure it out.

I have a source to buy phone numbers. I just need to know what to do in the admin to set up an account.

Hi, look into software such as Acrobits Groundwire, Zoiper, and Linphone as a few examples of SIP clients you can install on your iPhone and use with FreePBX. There is also Zulu which works with FreePBX Distro.

I was under the impression I could program the sim card for a cell phone and point the sim card at my voip server and use the iphone over wifi only.

At least I just need to know how to set up a phone number on the server. I think I am going to have a line on an ip phone too. It is just that I was reading up on asterisk and it is capable of doing mobile voip on any cell phone that has wifi calling capabilities.

If you are using wifi only, you do not need a SIM.

I was under the impression that If I want to use the actual phone and not an app id have to use a sim. I will be selling mobile voip service off this server. I was hoping to set up a mobile phone on it without an app.

Keep in mind I do need to know how to set up a phone number on the asterisk / freepbx server. is probably the project you are looking for.

It looks like I am trying to do something much like what they are doing.

So you want to do the same thing they are doing, but you have no experience with voip and a SIM card writer you don’t know how to use?

I am curious where you got the impressions you mentioned earlier. Someone seems to have pointed you down an interesting and challenging path.

Best is just to start reading. is the documentation for FreePBX.

The book by Alan B. Johnston is basically the SIP bible:

On the mobile side, I am not an expert. Though I will say you can’t magically write out SIM cards and expect anything useful to happen.

I am experienced with web hosting servers. I now have to learn asterisk. Can anyone tell me where to go in freepbx to set up a new phone number. Unless you can point me at tutorial.

I also need to find someone who has dealt with sim cards and cell phone resolving to the asterisk server. I bought blank sim cards off amazon. I bought a sim card writer off ebay.

Maybe I should just try to get some direction on how to set up a phone number and then we can get to the iphone and what not.

Tutorials are plentiful if you ask Google, and the wiki I already pointed you to has all you need. Go read and come back with more specific questions if you run into any problems.

edit: a more direct link to the documentation within the wiki:

It looks like where you sent me probably has everything I need to know to set up a phone number on the server and maybe ip phones. I am pretty sure it does not have info for setting mobile phones.

Does anybody have experience writing sim cards?

My sim card writer wants me to write an IP, a phone number and the persons name. Let me
know if you’ve done this before. It may want me to set a password too.

Where do I go to download zulu. I went on Google and there are a bunch of sites on zulu people.

I’d really recommend you don’t try to start with Zulu. I recommend GS Wave Lite (download from the App Store) for iOS.

You seem to be really confused about how VoIP works.

To use a softphone app on a smartphone, you just need an internet connection. You can get that by Wifi or mobile data (with a regular plan with a regular provider).

If you want to not use a VoIP softphone app or you want to make and receive VoIP calls without an internet connection (if you don’t have Wifi or data is very expensive), you could use a VoIP SIM card.

You will not be able to set up a VoIP SIM card yourself, unless you have a deal with a mobile (cell in the US) phone company or you have your own cell infrastructure (very expensive and pointless).

It takes more than just writing data to a SIM card to get a phone on a mobile network.

Think of a mobile network like a Wifi network which belongs to someone else and you pay them to use. The SIM card tells the phone the ‘Wifi’ name, password and any other information the phone needs to connect to that network.

Unless you have a mobile network to connect to, you can’t do anything with a SIM.

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