How to set / register an Avaya 9620 ip phone as SIP extension


So far i always used Freepbx with soft phone extensions, today i would like to add Avaya 9620 phones to my installation and use them as extensions.

Since i never did it, could you please explain me steps to do so ?

I read that phones should be use SIP firmware, i don’t know where to find and to install it.
I did not find tutos in Youtube, any help and advices would me much appreciated.


Google a little bit, you will find a lot of info on how to check if the firmware is double stack or if you need to install sip firmware. Once you get the sip firmware on the phone, you need to create a provisioning file and you can Google for that too.

Google does not help me a lot, i did not find how to check if the phone has or has not SIP firmware.

I found zip file : " Avaya Deskphone SIP Software for the 9601/9608/9608G/9611G/9621G/9641G/9641GS IP Deskphones "

Actually i’m not sure if i should transfer that file with TFTP, even i set the HTTP server accordingly into the phone ADDR menu.

I would appreciate advices / steps explaining how to upgrade the phone , i am also not confortable the config files to be pushed into the phone afterwards.

Be careful because the last supported SIP firmware version for 9620 is really old. Which specific model do you have? 9620, 9620C, 9620L

  • I have one 9611G and i’m considering in buying some 9620 if i get SIP function set on those.

It is reliable to go with phones working with Freepbx or best is to give up and go with Sangoma phones especially designed for Freepbx ?

You can go with any SIP phone that you like, but if you want plug’n’play or if you don’t want to make any effort figuring things out by yourself, you better go with Sangoma phones, or any other phones that have a web page to set them up. If you wanna go with Avaya, just be careful which version you choose. 9620 are not supported anymore for SIP firmware. At least that can be seen with a quick Google search for avaya 9620 sip firmware.

Here are my questions regarding the SIP firmware (zip file) : Avaya Deskphone SIP Software for the 9601/9608/9608G/9611G/9621G/9641G/9641GS IP Deskphones " ,

  • Is Avaya IP Office software mandatory to make the firmware or upgrade is possible without it using TFTP only ?

  • Do you confirm i should also upload 46xxsettings.txt ?

Many thanks

Can someone help me out please ?

I wouldn’t hold my breath. This is so outside most people’s scope that I don’t know if anyone is going to be able to help you with this.

You might need to ask in an Avaya forum - once you get the firmware loaded, there’s stuff we should be able to help you get you going.

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