How to set Outbound CallerID from SIP Client!

Dear friends,

Now, i have problem to set CallerID from SIP Clients.
Do you know how to set Outbound CallerID from SIP Soffphone?

  • My PBX : Asterisk
  • User UI : FreePBX
  • SIP Softphone : Bria, Acrobit in iOS and Android.
  • Trunk : ISDN 30B+D (PRI) with 30 subcribed numbers (from 3536000 to 3536031).
    From FreePBX, with option “Outbound CID” in Extension Settings or Trunk Setting. I can set any CallerID of my numbers. However, this function is only configured by Admins. I need I can set Outbound CID for my SIP softphone (for users, not for admins) ?
    For example : In SIP softphones, i configure :
  • Username : 1000 (extension no).
  • Passs : XXXX
  • Dislay Name : 3536000 (for Outbound CallerID)
    When i call out PSTN, my customers will see 3536000. After that, i only change Dislay name = 3536022 (no change username and Password), my customer will see 3536022 in coming call.

Please help me some information from the octables.

I believe Display Name is only used to display your name to other users on your system. It is not a caller-ID setting. It seems like letting end users set the caller ID to anything they want would be dangerous. When they start placing prank calls from the President for example, people might get upset and it could come back on you. Just my opinion.

Of course as the admin, you could set the caller ID on an extension to be anything for that extension but the end user still couldn’t change it at will.

You could just set up outbound routes with each valid caller ID then use DISA and just have them select the route prefix when dialing with the respective caller ID.

Thanks for your reply,

I only want to use my registered numbers with dynamic changing from clients. Can anyone help?

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You can do that in the extension’s setting FreePBX conveniently named “Outbound CID” field, whether the Carrier honors that is up to the carrier. Make sure you do not have the wrong thing set in your trunk’s “Outbound CID” field. (In your case you should not let the user be able to override that for your own protection and their’s)

hi dicko,

In FreePBX, i can do that in "Outbound CID " for extension. It is easy. However, i only want to change from clients (softphones).
Do you have any solution?

Softphones are just extensions, so setting the Outbound CID instructions you were given are still correct.

Important notes:

  1. The outbound CID of the extension is ignored if you have “trunk” options turned on to not do that.

  2. The outbound CID of the trunk may be ignored by your carrier.

  3. If you use the “Set Caller ID” context, the system may ignore your request unless the trunk is identified as in Intra-System trunk.

The only way I can think of doing that is by overriding FreePBX’ extension handling, deleting the extension, allowing anonymous SIP calls and writing some code to process such anonymous calls coming from your devices , good luck.