How to set Opening Hours in WombatDialer for Asterisk

Managing our Asterisk call-center often requires a finer level of control on the opening hours of outbound campaigns.
Typically public holidays must be taken into consideration, and perhaps we would like our dialer to open and close campaigns at various times during a work day.
In order to achieve this level of control we develop WombatDialer’s Opening Hours feature.

We put the tutorial in the page of e-books of the Loway website (

Hope this can be of interest for the community of FreePBX users.

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One of the plans for FreePBX 14 is to provide a good calendar module that things like this can hook into, which would be perfect for that.

@jfinstrom can probably say more about what it’s looking like?

If it exposes an API, it would be reasonable to offer access to it (so it would work with the rest of the PBX).

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This is still in early development but the plan is to use General Module Hooks and give the ability to add hook actions. All the “how” is not in place yet so I can’t be more specific.

If only there was a way to share information across enterprises using some kind of agreement to not release each other’s proprietary information.

Oh, with such a device, imagine the things we could do…

This is an open source module Browse FreePBX / calendar - FreePBX GIT

It is not that it is proprietary or a secret. The functionality simply hasn’t been written yet. As I said it is still in early development (pre-alpha) I am working on it along side other projects and bug fixes.

All a work in progress…


EG, if anyone ELSE is thinking of contributing, there’s a ‘pull request’ button on Github. Hint hint. 8)