How to set FAX speed lower than 9600 and/or higher than 14400?

asterisk is capable of FAX speed from 2400 up to 33600. In FreePBX 9600 up to 14400 are the only values to choose from. Even putting 2400 as low and 33600 as high in res_fax_custom.conf doesn’t change that behaviour. How can I change that so my preferred values (2400 and 33600) are used?

I just confirmed that editing the file res_fax_custom.conf and adding the lines:


will update the values in Asterisk. You must reload first, and then confirm with:

freepbx*CLI> core reload
freepbx*CLI> fax show settings
FAX For Asterisk Settings:
        ECM: Enabled
        Status Events: Off
        Minimum Bit Rate: 2400
        Maximum Bit Rate: 2400
        Modem Modulations Allowed: V17,V27,V29
        T.38 Negotiation Timeout: 5000
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