How to set dynamic agents login password

Ok, so I am playing with queues, and I have setup a couple dynamic agents as extensions 2001,0 and 2002,0 and a queue number of 2101

The problem is, that when I try to login with 2101* it asks me for “agent number followed by pound key” so I enter 2001# and then it asks me for “agent password followed by the pound key”… the problem is, I cannot find anywhere in freepbx to set an “agent password”.

I am pretty sure it is not the extensions secret or the extensions voicemail password that it is asking for, so where do I set this up?


It should be asking for “the password” and not “the agent password”.

The password is the Queue password which is optional and won’t be requested if you don’t set a password for the Queue.

Yes, that was the problem… I had not realized I had set a Queue a password!

Thanks Philippe

I know this is an old thread bit it’s close to my problem. I have ext 321 that i want to be a dynamic agent in queue 720. In agent admin i put 321 with password 1234. Then i put A321,0 in Dynamic members. if i dial 720* from ext 321, system says, please enter your agent ID. I enter 321#, it does not ask me for (agent) password, just says agent logged in as ext 321. if a call goes to queue 720 it goes to ext 321. but shouldn’t it ask for password then as for ext?