How to set an outbound route to use a specific trunk to call out from only few extensions?


I run FreePBX v14 on Raspberry and i set 2 trunks.

  • 1 GSM line issued from a USB dongle
  • 1 SIP trunk issued from a provider.

At the moment all incomming calls and redirected to Misc Destination to a mobile phone.
The dial pattern for the GSM Dongle is set as follow :
no prepend ; prefix = 0 ; match pattern = .

All works fine all incomming calls are properly redirected to my mobile phone.

Now, I would that some specific extensions ( 1 ; 4 ; 6 ) going to use a the use my second SIP trunk to place calls.

How could i set the second Outbound route to use that trunck ?
I tried to add the according extensions caller ID into Dial pattern of the SIP outbound route, but calls are still placed with the GSM outbound route.
I wonder if the wildcard . is not the way to proceed …

Many thanks for your help,

Since you are stuck with that on Pi, the only option is to set up different outbound routes for each trunk.

Then in at least one of those outbound routes you will need to set up the dial patters with a PREFIX.

For example, in the old days, systems would require to dial 9 to get an outside telephone line.

So you could set up one of those outbound routes to PREFIX with 9 to use GSM line issued from a USB dongle, for example.

If you were using FreePBX distro, you could then get the commercial module extension routing which would let you to set specific extensions to use certain outbound routes.

I don’t see why what you tried the first time didn’t work. Possibly there is a bug associated with single digit extensions, which are very unusual.

The Outbound Route for the SIP trunk should have the caller ID field set to
and it must be above (before) the GSM route.

If no luck, post a log of a misrouted call.

comtechCommunication Technologies 3

I do not find how i can install " PHP Component Zend Guard Loader " in my RASPBX
This module is mandatory in order to install Class of Service.

You can’t install commercial modules on a non-distro version of FreePBX.

You’ll need to setup outbound routes with dial patterns that looks for CID

You’ll need to setup outbound routes with dial patterns that looks for CID

Can you show me the syntax of a dial pattern that will allow extension « 101 » to outbound calls ?

Since I have 2 outputs routes and 2 trunks, should I set priorities within the outbound routes or doing this is no necessary ?

Outbound Routes are examined in order, starting from the top, until a match is found. So a route that applies to only specific extensions must be placed above one that would match any extension.

A route that applies to only extension 101 would have 101 in the caller ID field.

That is because there has nothing been done with Zend in a few years, thus nothing exists for ARM. The FreePBX folks are supposed to be switching to something else, but no telling when that will happen. I wonder if they will use Ioncube Loader.

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