How to send inbound routes to a trunk sequence

Let’s say I receive a call to the cloud. I would like to send all calls to Trunk 1, but if Trunk 1 is down, I would like to use Trunk 2.

Is there a simple way to do this?

If your VSP provides fail-over routing then probably.

I want to use a trunk sequence as an inbound route destination rather than limiting myself to a single route. Same logic as outbound routing trunk sequences.

That is not the way it works. The provider will only give you a limited choice of where they forward calls to that number

Here is the scenario.

FreePBX box 1 sends a call internally to FreePBX box 2 where Box 2 receives that call in inbound routes. Currently the destination of that route is a trunk to the carrier. But if that trunk is down and unresponsive, I would like to send the call to a second trunk - whether that be another internal PBX or another carrier.

Outbound routes currently allows you to sequence trunks. If one is down, it moves on to the next and tries that. I basically want my inbound route to function in a similar fashion. Instead of 1 trunk as a destination, I want a trunk sequence.

Maybe a Custom Destination with target:

Then set up your Outbound Routes to select trunks as you like.

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I’m unclear how you haven’t solved your own problem in this statement?


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