How to see if contact is on a call?


I’m trying to come up with a way to allow my users see if another person is on a call before they call them. Use case here is that I have a manager that is not physically near their employees. They want to be able to call a specific person in the office that is not on a call. So even a ring group here won’t work, they want to see that a person is free before they call and know that that same person is picking up. They don’t want to ask who it is when the phone is picked up.

I was hoping to find a way to set presence when the phone is off-hook, but it shows as available…which in a way it is. That extension is available, the call will just go to voicemail or roll over or whatever, but it’s technically available to receive a call. The person, however, is not available.

I have the contact button setup with a group that shows the users in that office, but unless they manually change presence, it always shows as available next to their name.

I looked a the presence module but it doesn’t really give the ability to change what causes a presence state to be matched, just gives me options that can be chosen by the user.

One option is to purchase EXP150 expansion modules and use the BLF to show availability. But that seems like overkill and is expensive. Maybe horizontal line keys and use arrow key/page to cycle through users?

Is there a way on these phones to show if an person/extension is not on an active call that is not based on BLF? Some D62 users would have to go though alot of pages with only 2 lights.


I don’t have a D62 at hand to quickly test, but if you view bring up the contacts App and instead of dialing immediately, pull up the contact details with the “Show” button, you will see user presence and device state for the contact. From there, caller can decide whether to dial direct, dial VM, etc.

When I use the contacts app to drill down to the users it will show their presence next to their name, (available) usually. If “available” would change when a person is on a call, that would work for me. However, it only changes if they manually change their presence state via the phone app, ucp, of the desktop client.

Should they not show as available when on a call? If so, then I have other issues.

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I don’t have a D62, but this is what I see on the D65 when pulling up a contact that has presence set to available and is on the phone


Phone fw: 2_9_25
EPM: 16.0.86
Phone Apps: 16.0.36

Phone Model:D65
Phone FW: 2_9_25
PBX Version:
EPM: 15.0.65

My contact app on the phone looks radically different from yours and from what is shown at DPMA Apps-Contacts - PBX GUI - Documentation


In case this is a DPMA related issue, here’s some info on that:

Updates → Modules → Connectivity [Digium Phones Config] (Not even listed)
EPM- > GLobal → Use DPMA [Yes]

I noticed a section (Migrating from Old EPM+DPMA to New DPMA) that will pertain to me once EPM get’s updated to v15.0.39.20+, which I assume is a FreePBX-v16 thing.
DPMA RPM I have installed:asterisk16-res_digium_phone-3.6.6-1.sng7.x86_64

I’m hoping I’m just missing something simple.

Your phone firmware is probably not at the latest. You’ll need to go into Firmware management and make sure that the latest firmware for the phones is in the correct slot for your template.

@dobrosavljevic It’s the latest according to Firmware, D-Series - Phones - Documentation

You have not share info on your system, but there are 2 solutions I have used:

  1. BEST: Install FOP2 - it is a graphic GUI that shows user and queue status.
  2. From command line, if extension in a queue:
    asterisk -rx ‘queue show’ | grep XXX (where XXX=extension)
    if extension is a PJSIP endpoint:
    asterisk -rx ‘pjsip show endpoints’ | grep XXX | grep ’ Avail ’ (note spaces around Avail)
    for SIP or PJSIP you could use:
    asterisk -rx ‘core show channels’ | grep XXX (if there is no result, phone is available, assuming it is on-line)

For the template you’re using to provision this phone, what do you have on the Options tab for “UseDPMA Apps”? This is my setting:


Mine is indeed disabled. Globally enabled, disabled on the template. So that answers that. Are there plans for long term support of DPMA apps vs the REST based ones?

My contacts app does look like yours now, however, I can only see the “on the phone” status if I choose the user. Is there any way to show that next to a user list?

FOP2 looks good, but I can’t give these users a solution that isn’t on the phone in this case. Good to know a product like that exists though!

Those one liners are handy too, I use them already when sneaking in maintenance reboots.

As far as EPM support for Sangoma phones, legacy devices use REST apps, the current P phones use DPMA apps. The D6X series are the only phones where EPM can support either, so that toggle is provided in the template for the Admin to choose.

All device states at a glance is supported using the Favorites app on the P370 otherwise it would be individual BLF buttons, either on the phone or on a sidecar for those devices that support a sidecar.

For DPMA apps is it still port 3443 that they use to communicate with the PBX?

This page doesn’t seem to specify DPMA apps specifically:

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