How to Search Contacts List by NAME using Sangoma P-Series Handsets

Is it possible to Search the Contacts List by Contact NAME using the DPMA-Contacts PhoneApp on a Sangoma P-Series handset ?

There’s a softkey called ‘Filter’, which seems to offer a list of Contact Manager groups (which I’d prefer to see upon 1st opening the Contacts PhoneApp rather than a list of ALL Contacts from ALL Groups combined, then back-tracking to a particular Group), however, its not obvious to me how to search/filter the contacts list by name.

You can start typing a telephone no, which filters the list of matching entries, but what’s the point of that, if the user knew the number they wanted, they’d just dial it - the filter should enable the contacts list to be searched using letters matched against the Contact Names, just like it does on most other handsets I’ve used & the Sangoma Softphone Apps ?

Am I missing something ?

You press each key for every letter , e.g. 2 for 2ABC, just ONCE! Do it with the first three letters and you will find out…

EDIT: DONT do SMS-typing…e.g. 3 times key 2 for C…

Another EDIT: This is the Digium way of name search…

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I see now, as you say, typing 2 then 5 seems to show every combination of ABC & JKL (eg. AJ, AK, AL, BJ, BK, BL, CJ, CK, CL) as well as numbers that contain 25.

I think because it includes the numbers against number matches as well as multiple letter combo’s against names, it threw me off.

Thanks for the clarification.

The ghost of Digium is still in the Sangoma P-series phones :wink:

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