How to schedule a reset of clearing the "missed calls" count

I am a Linux guy, but have limited knowledge of freepbx.
Is there a way to write a cron job to clear the missed calls or use the freepbx to schedule clearing the missed calls count?

FreePBX doesn’t control that.

What kind of phones?

Thank you for your reply.

You are welcome but you didn’t answer my question.

What kind of phones?
We are using AASTRA 6731i phones.

You should be able to use the XML push to reset missed calls. You will have to check the Aastra xml developer guide and script it from the server running Asterisk/FreePBX.

Here is how I did it years ago. It would probably still work this way, but it requires manual configuration…Long before the days of EPM’s, but you should be able to graft this functionality to your EPM.

First, change the auto resync parameter on the phone to the time you want the resync to occur.

Then, since the phone won’t resync/restart unless there is a change to the configuration file, I had to write a script that modified the aastra.cfg file by adding a comment to the end. I think I tried just doing a “touch” of the file, but don’t think that worked.

Doing a resync reboots the phone which clears the missed call list.

Not sure if the above is still workable or still possible, but it might give you an idea or two.