How to save an answer from the dialplan to the database

after having listened to the ivr (for example type 1 for a or 2 for b), I would like that with each answer given by the user that it can store the value entered by him in my database. How to do that

You could use this I believe. @lgaetz is more seasoned here

Another option is to build the IVR or destinations as a custom destination and write your own dialplan that does what you need it to do.

Dynroutes is the way to do this. Chain three of them together

Dynroute 1 plays prompt, collects dtmf input, validates and stores to channel var
Dynroute 2 makes the API call to store the value wherever
Dynroute 3 branches the call based on the value stored in dynroute 1

There are several threads showing how to perform these steps

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